Onsite Supporting is one of the services, if any difficulties and issues occur in our HIMS Co., Ltd.’s Package System, our supporting engineer will come conveniently to the Customer site and will solve the problem until finished.

Software Customization is one of the services, if any necessaries and issues occur in our HIMS Co., Ltd.’s Package System, our development team will solve for customer’s desire issues.

Software Customization
System Integration

System Integration is one of the services from HIMS Co., Ltd. ’s Package System. We develop the Software System according to the necessaries of a customer’s business operations in every small part of vacuum.

We ask our using customer’s necessary and difficulty on via phone call every month. If any problem occurs in using, we will come to fix the problem.

Monthly Support
( Customer Care )
Cloud Maintenance Storage

Cloud Maintenance Storage is one of the systems develop by HIMS Co., Ltd. and the software systems from HIMS Co., Ltd. were made by all cloud-based alignment systems. When you have internet, this cloud system can control by mobile phone, PC, etc. Even customer made mistake our development team can solve for this mistake in real time. Our development team save the customer’s information data in cloud storage server and give the secure data information.

Our HIMS Co., Ltd develop the software system for the customers who interest in field of software systems and package system for their business. We give the system to the customer and solving the problem with modern IT technology in their business issues.

IT Consulting

Training & Supporting for Our Customers