HM-SEI’s Webinar「7 things you should know! How to Use CRM to Get New Customers」will Hold!
7 things you should know! How to Use CRM to Get New Customers skip to application form in below Having trouble finding new customers?Reserve your seat to watch the free webinar here and learn 7 things you can do to get new customers with CRM!The webinar will include a CRM Demo Session so you can […]
HM-SEI’s Webinar「FE Exam Course’s Introduction」will Hold!
Shortest time to pass FE Exam and be a software engineer! HM-SEI will launch FE Exam Course! skip to application form in below Would you like to get FE certificate and prove your IT skills?FE certificate is recognized in Japan and six ITPEC Members’ countries.(Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, and Bangladesh)If you want to pass […]
Webinar「Building an Effective Sales Team Using in Myanmar」will Hold!
BUILDING AN EFFECTIVE SALES TEAM USING IN MYANMAR Are you a business leader or sales professional in Myanmar looking to elevate you or  your sales team’s performance and drive revenue growth? 🌏 We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming webinar, where we will delve into the strategies and tools needed to build an […]