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Are you a business leader or sales professional in Myanmar looking to elevate you or  your sales team’s performance and drive revenue growth? 🌏

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming webinar, where we will delve into the strategies and tools needed to build an effective sales team using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Myanmar.

🗓️ Date & Time:
 【Day1】12 July 2023 (Wed) 2:00pm~3:00pm
 【Day2】20 July 2023 (Thu) 2:00pm~3:00pm
 【Day3】26 July 2023 (Wed) 2:00pm~3:00pm
🌐 Venue: Online (Zoom)
💻 Registration: an application form at the bottom of this page


During this webinar, we will explore how CRM empowers businesses in Myanmar to optimize their sales processes, maximize customer engagement, and achieve remarkable sales outcomes. Join us as we uncover the key principles and best practices for building a winning sales team leveraging the power of CRM.

📢 Key Highlights of the Webinar:
🌟 Global IT Adoption Status and Myanmar's Situation: Using Japan as an example, we will unpack Myanmar's business environment and system implementation.
🌟 Introduction to CRM: Understand the core concepts of CRM and its role in driving sales effectiveness. Streamlining Sales Processes and Uncover strategies for maximizing your sales team's productivity and efficiency using CRM.
🌟 Case Studies: Case studies of us (Hirokei Myanmar) that have transformed our sales teams and achieved results with CRM.

👤 Who Should Attend?
✅ Business owners, executives, and sales managers looking to optimize their sales team's performance.
✅ Sales professionals seeking effective strategies and tools to drive sales effectiveness and revenue growth.
✅ Anyone interested in harnessing the power of CRM to maximize sales outcomes in Myanmar's competitive market.

If you are using a spreadsheet to manage your clients, don't miss this incredible opportunity to transform your spreadsheet workflow and unlock the full potential of your business with CRM! Reserve your spot for the webinar now and be prepared to take your business to new heights!

Unlock the Potential and Grow Your Sales Team!!